How To Clean Your Windows Professionally

Cleaning a window is not as easy as it sounds. It is a difficult job but surely, it can be done with a little bit of research and effort. It is not enough to clean windows with just a towel and a gallon of water. There are materials that are necessary to do the job properly and to ensure the cleanliness of the windows. Windows, especially if you have an office, is really a vital part of the whole building because it is what’s shown outside and it can be seen by a lot of possible customers and there is not any one in this world who would like to go to an office with dusty and grimy windows.

cleaning windows

There is a huge challenge in cleaning windows especially if the sills and frames are very dirty, the screens are dusty and grimy and if the glass is smeared or spotty. These are just some of the challenges that you have to face when you attempt to clean your window. Well, if you think you could do it, there are a lot of the CV cleaning window pros cleaning services that you can look up in your locality.

But what we are going to present to you are the tips and tricks on how to properly clean your window. Follow the list below to have a shiny and great window.

BRUSH IT OFF: Inspect the sills and frames of the window and make sure that you get the curtains away from it. Inspect it for dust, cruds or any debris. Have a small brush in hand to sweep it right off. If you do not do this, you will not be successful in cleaning your window because the dirt will create a mess through the dust sticking to your towel and then smearing the glass all over. You can also grab a stick and wrap a cloth to it and use it to flick off dirt from the window. We know that you are now excited to squeeze that window cleaner but make sure to do this first before you proceed with that part of the job.

DE-GRIME IT: If you have left your house for a long period of time, then it is possible that once you open your windows, the dust and all the dirt will brow right inside your home. For you to avoid this mess, you must get your handy vacuum cleaner and run the brushes on the inside part of the window and go from side to side then top to bottom because this will let you do the job faster and easier.

LET IT GLEAM: Some windows are tilted inside and washing both of its sides can be a difficult job but this is how you do it; First, spray your cleaner on the inside part of the glass until it is misty and not dripping wet. Second, wipe it in a horizontal direction until it is completely dry. Third, repeat it on the outer frame but make sure that you are wiping it vertically; this will allow you to not make the streaks obvious.


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