Butterflies When Moving Out To College

Moving out of the house to go to college is bittersweet. At one point you feel happy at finally getting the chance to live on your own. Then again, Mom’s cooking is still better than ramen with hot water for cooking.

Most of the stuff that involved moving out had to do with your upcoming college life. Books, notepads, pens and additional school supplies related to your chosen college degree to take up. If ever it involved items not really related to your next step in life, it’s mostly gadgets. League of Legends and Defense Of The Ancients notwithstanding, planning out the day you try to strike out on your own has to do with proper planning. Here’s a link that talks about preparing for a long distance moving: affordablemoverschulavista.com

Facing your fears.

Yes. At the back of your head, despite the euphoria of impending independence, there is fear lurking in the background. When you just want to move out without knowing how doubts set in your head because you don’t know the next step.



Surely enough, your parents have moved out on their own too. But not all parents have this “In my time …” lecture about the struggles of independence because you’re not THAT independent yet. You may be living away from them. But they still have the allowance set over for your daily needs.

The best way to handle fear of moving out is acknowledging that you don’t know everything. Knowing and doing are two different things. If you find yourself doing something and saying later “This is not how I thought of it”, do you stop packing stuff and unloading them on your dorm room? No.

Of course not. It is not a reason to stop. Giving yourself leeway when it comes to doing things for the first time like packing stuff for moving out into your college dorm is a good way to know first hand what could possibly go wrong. Because – surprise, surprise – this might not be the first time that you are moving elsewhere. You may have thought about buying your new house upon saving enough as a young urban professional perhaps.

Balancing school and the need to earn.

You don’t become a working student not because everyone is doing it. You do it because you need to make both ends meet. If this part of the moving process has not dawned upon you yet, you might as well be aware of it as early as now – hoping that you are reading this before moving day itself.

Expenses get bigger when instead of renting a college dorm room, you chose to rent out an apartment with some friends going to the same university. You need to save because you will not be heavily dependent on ramen. Either you learn how to cook your own food or you eat outside which is pricier.

Having some income-generating activities on the side during time off school helps buffer the financial burden of growing up away from your parent’s home. You might even end up having the cash to spend on additional muscle for moving out stuff later on.

Moving out bigger stuff once you finally get your own home is an investment worth waiting for. This is why you should check out the link above from Affordable Movers Chula Vista to see how they can help you. Learning how to invest for the future is best done when you have an actual amount to use as a goal post.

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